At Last! A HPV Test For Couples 
Ladies, did you know that you can do all the right things... go get tested for STDs, get a clean bill of health, only have your next Pap Smear come back abnormal and positive for the sexually transmitted virus, HPV, putting you at risk for cervical cancer.

Guys, did you know that HPV puts you at risk for oral, throat, penile and anal cancer?

Find out your HPV status today and take steps to protect yourself and the one you love from HPV infection.
Introducing SelfCollect HPV DNA genotype testing 
Private. Confidential. Accurate.
SelfCollect is a confidential, highly accurate home STD testing service you collect in the privacy and comfort of your own home. 

SelfCollect's CLIA certified, partner laboratory utilizes FDA approved, double stranded DNA Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing (NAAT) providing highly sensitive and accurate testing. 

It’s a convenient, anonymous way to gain important information about your body.
For The First Time Ever - Men And Women Can Easily Find Out EXACTLY Which Strains Of HPV They Have Been Exposed To In The Comfort And Privacy Of Home 
(without being tagged for a pre-existing condition)
Why should you get tested?
HPV (Human Papillomavirus) transmits very easily and often presents no symptoms. Therefore, it’s incredibly common for people to pass it on without realizing they’re infected.

High-Risk HPV is the cause of cervical cancer. It can also lead to cancer of the vagina, anus and oropharynx (back of the throat). Genital wart viruses (HPV-6 & HPV-11) cause unsightly and painful genital warts.

Not all HPV viruses behave in the same way, so it is extremely important to realize that HPV-16 in women and HPV-16 in men is particularly aggressive, even in the very young.
Consider Vaginal testing if you:
  •  Are over the age of 25
  •  Are under the age of 25 and sexually active
  •  Have a family history of cervical cancer
  •  Have had an abnormal PAP test result
  •  Use tobacco
  •  Engage in unprotected sex
  •  Have ever been told you are HPV positive, but are not sure which virus was detected. An HPV High Risk test with the optional genital warts virus test will screen for all sexually transmitted HPV viruses
Consider Penile testing if you: 
  •  See warts, lesions or other new growths on the shaft of the penis, scrotum, or perineum
  •  Want to be certain of your status as a carrier
  •  Use tobacco
  •  Engage in unprotected sex or oral sex
  •  History with a partner who had an abnormal Pap Smear
Which Type of HPV Testing Is Best For You?
HPV Genotype DNA Testing Order Form
The SelfCollect at home HPV Full Genotype Testing detects 49 different strains of HPV, including all high risk and low risk strains.
  •  Cost: Exclusive HPV Full Genotype testing
  •  Investigate: Persistent infections and see which strain(s) are causing problems and research them
  •  Prevent Transmission: Know exactly which strain of HPV you have and allow your partner to make informed decisions about exposure
  • Proactive Healthcare: When you know you have been exposed to HPV you can take steps to support your body in eliminating the virus and reduce risk factors associated with HPV related cancers
This level of HPV testing is highly specific and is ideal for men and women who want to know if they have been exposed to ANY strain of sexually transmitted HPV, this test will detect high risk and low risk strains of HPV. Women who have had a positive HPV diagnosis, abnormal pap smear or cervical dysplasia, especially if you have intention of treating it holistically will find this information of great value. 
The SelfCollect High-Risk HPV test detects HPV-16, HPV-18 and a pool of 12 other High-Risk HPV types.
  • Cost: Reasonable rates for HPV DNA testing for men and women at multiple body locations
  • Investigate: Identify if you have a strain of HPV that puts you at greater risk for HPV related cancers
  •  Prevent Transmission: Protect your partner from the dangers of high risk HPV
  • Proactive Healthcare: A positive diagnosis of high risk HPV is an invitation to take better care of yourself so that your body has a better chance of fighting off the virus 
This level of HPV testing is more general. It identifies HPV 16 and 18 which have been found to cause most HPV related cancers. It also tests for 12 additional strains but is non-specific, so you can be positive for one of the 12 but not know which one it is. If you want to know, consider the HPV Genotype test instead.

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Make informed decisions about your reproductive and sexual health
Additional Testing:
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HPV High-Risk Virus Test
The SelfCollect at home High-Risk HPV test detects HPV-16, HPV-18 and a pool of 12 other High-Risk HPV types.
The SelfCollect at home HPV Genotype Test detects 49 strains of HPV so you can find out exactly which strain(s) you have.
Privacy and accuracy in four easy steps.
The accuracy, responsibility and care you expect at a clinic.
Without the anxiety.
Up-front pricing
One single payment. No copay. No unexpected charges.
Flexible and convenient
Collect at home — no appointments or time off needed.
Responsible not uncomfortable
The answers you need without embarrassing conversations.
Relevant information
You decide which tests you need and receive easy to understand results.
Complete privacy
Your identity is respected with confidential and anonymous testing.
Simple and comfortable
No speculums, stirrups or exams. Self collection is quick and easy to complete.
Answers from trusted, accredited medical professionals
SelfCollect is a team of respected healthcare professionals who created a secure service that empowers you to take control of your intimate health, on your terms.
Their CLIA certified, partner laboratory has decades of experience in DNA testing that it provides to doctors, clinics and hospitals. The Laboratory’s use of FDA approved collection devices and testing methods has allowed us to bring the same testing service received at your doctor’s office directly to you.

Robin LaCross
Holistic Health Practitioner
Robin is a holistic health practitioner who specializes in women's reproductive health.  She graduated with honors from the American College of Healthcare Sciences in 2011.  Robin has been a holistic sex educator and advocate for women's reproductive health for over 25 years. She is passionate about educating women about their bodies and cycles and is on a mission to  reduce unintended pregnancies and the spread of STDs in the world. 

Robin is the founder of The HPV Education Project and is passionate about raising awareness about the virus, new advances in HPV testing and about holistic methods of promoting cervical health. Armed with a holistic approach coupled with the latest advances in technology, she is taking a stand  and fighting back against the spread of the HPV. 

Robin currently lives in Tucson, Arizona and works with women all over the world helping them to acquire the knowledge, tools and skills needed to create greater health and well-being.